Is white vaginal discharge before periods alarming?


White vaginal discharge before or during the menstrual cycle is sometimes normal. Sometimes, but not always. An expert in gynaecology comments on the matter.

Vaginal discharge is completely normal. A few women experience it daily, while others do not. You might not know that your vagina cleans itself. The discharge from the vagina helps to keep it healthy. It’s true.

The discharge from the vaginal area is usually clear or milky, and there is a slight scent that is not unpleasant or foul-smelling. As a woman’s menstrual cycle progresses, her vaginal discharge will also change. This is why some women experience white discharge before their periods. The white discharge before periods is leukorrhea. Cells and fluid shed from the vagina are in it.

You may experience white discharge before your period for the following reasons:

1. Having a functioning reproductive system

It is normal to experience white discharge before your periods, and there is no cause for concern. It is also called egg white mucus because of its thin, slick, and stretchy texture. There is no odor to this discharge, and most women notice it.

2. Bacterial vaginosis

The natural vaginal balance of bacteria upsets with Bacterial vaginosis. There is no identified cause, but it appears to be linked to smoking, douching, and having more than one sexual partner. Bacterial vaginosis can cause discharge just before menstruation.

FAQS about vaginal discharge

1. When does white discharge start after periods?

About five days before the onset of periods, white discharge may appear.

2. During the menstrual cycle, what type of vaginal leaks should one expect?

Menstrual discharge can be white, cloudy, or sticky. These characteristics may vary from woman to woman. So, if the discharge appears to be abnormal, please consult a doctor immediately.

3. Does vaginal discharge increase during a period?

The amount of discharge and the odour and colour of the discharge (which can range from clear to milky white) varies depending on the number of days before your period. When you ovulate, breastfeed, or get sexually aroused, there will be more discharge.

4. When should vaginal leaks be taken seriously?

This discharge can be problematic for you if it is accompanied by burning, pain, discomfort around your vagina, rash, blisters, foul smell, redness, or swelling.

You shouldn’t freak out about white vaginal discharge before periods but keep an eye out for anything abnormal.

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