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As a reusable, sustainable and convenient period care option, Drs recommend cups for any woman who is comfortable using an intra-vaginal method. A period cup does not need to be changed as much as a pad or tampon, which helps to minimize your impact on the environment. Cups also do not have the risk of toxic shock syndrome that tampons can have.

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Feary Menstrual Cup is clean, safe, medical-grade and made of silicon which is safest to insert in your body.

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It lasts 6-12 hours! You probably won’t have to change it in a public restroom!


The reusable fairy menstrual cup is the best based on all environmental metrics.



Fairy Menstrual Cup is the cheapest menstrual care solution in Pakistan. 

Life Changing

Fairy menstrual cup makes your menstrual period easier. They are incredibly convenient in specifically heavy flow.

How it works


Step 1


Fold and insert

You should place your menstrual cup in your vagina by sliding it slowly in the direction of your tailbone.


Step 2


Wear for up to 12 hours

If you have set up your menstrual cup perfectly, you can wear it for up to 12 hours.


Step 3



To remove the cup, gently pull it down. Make sure you clean up the little holes around the edges of your cup in the sink with warm soapy water. Insert the cup again and repeat.

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I was using Pads from long time. I switched to Menstrual cup I tried different cup but Finally I found best one thank fairy Menstrual Cups
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Frequently Asked Questions


When you are on your period, wearing a menstrual cup is good. If it is correctly inserted and used, there will be no leakage or discomfort. Although cups make it possible to train during menstruation and feel comfortable, heavy training shouldn’t be done during the first few days of your period.

It is important to insert and use a menstrual cup correctly so that it won’t leak. However, this can happen in some cases. When a menstrual cup is not inserted properly or emptied often enough or when your flow is excessively heavy, or the cup is too small, for instance.

After each use, a menstrual cup does not need to be boiled. At least once every 12 hours, you should clean the cup or empty it and wash it.After your period is over, you should boil the water for 5 to 10 minutes. Boiling it too frequently may damage the silicone.

Virgins can use a menstrual cup. Don’t worry; inserting it won’t harm your hymen. The menstrual cups come in various sizes to meet different needs.

If you can pee in your menstrual cup, it may be positioned incorrectly or shifted for some reason. If you insert the cup into your vagina, urine cannot get into it.

When you have an IUD inserted, you should not use a menstrual cup because you need to remove and empty it every 10 to 12 hours.

While using a menstrual cup, you shouldn’t feel pain. When inserting the cup for the first time, you may feel discomfort.

A cup inserted properly and whose size is the right one for you should not cause any discomfort.

Menstrual cups cannot cause infections, whereas poor personal hygiene certainly can. 

Before and after inserting and removing the menstrual cup, wash your hands with soap or sanitiser. To minimize the risk of infection, empty the cup at least every 10 to 12 hours.

Menstrual cups are feminine hygiene products made of silicone or latex rubber. A woman inserts the cup into the vagina, and the blood is collected in it during her period. Your menstrual cup is a safe and convenient way to maintain feminine hygiene when used correctly.

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