The Price of Menstrual Cup in Pakistan

The Price of Menstrual Cup in Pakistan


Menstrual Cup is becoming common in Pakistan. The first thing that appears in our mind when we think about a product is its price. The quality Menstrual Cup has not much price and also it is reusable. You can recover the cost by using reusable menstrual cups after just three cycles. Switching to a cup can also reduce the number of disposable pads or tampons you normally throw into the trash.

Most people are unaware of how much their period will cost over their lifetime since half of the world’s population experiences this phenomenon each month.

Every woman on earth gets a period, and their time on their period really adds up. A woman typically menstruates once a month, in the range of three to seven days, from 13 until she turns 51. This is the equivalent of 456 periods over 38 years, corresponding to approximately 6.25 years or 2,280 days spent bleeding. See other facts.

Tampons, sanitary pads, panty liners, period pads – the list goes on and on. Most women buy these menstrual hygiene products every month to get through the monthly cycle. This is an unavoidable cost of being on your period. All these items differ in size, functionality, and price, and most of them cannot be reused.

Cost Comparison of Pads and Menstrual Cup

Even though prices can vary, those who use three to five pads a day over a five-day period will likely spend up to 400000 PKR on pads throughout their life.

  • Periods cost money.
  • Being a woman isn’t easy… Have you ever heard that before?
  • It is certainly not cheap to have a uterus – even having your period is pricey.

The use of menstrual cups is more cost-effective than tampons and pads.

A cup costs, on average, 400 to 600 PKR in Pakistan. One cup does not need to be replaced for at least 10 years.

Menstrual cups aren’t under insurance plans or Medicaid, like tampons and pads, which means they’re an out-of-pocket expense.

Our goal is to give you a choice, but our most important goal is to inform people. A substandard product purchased from an unreliable source can result in horrible experiences, sometimes even unsafe ones. Your health matters to us, so this is something we are very concerned about.

Pakistan also offers expensive menstrual cups, but the price doesn’t always indicate quality. If you’re ordering a menstrual cup, be mindful of the quality.

Where to buy Cup?

Most people may have the question in their mind that where to buy the menstrual cups. The menstrual cups are available on Daraz and at Fairy Menstrual Cup Website. To choose which cup has the good quality, here is our suggestion. 

Fairy Menstrual Cup is Pakistan’s top-selling brand with its low prices and high quality. Its size range is suitable for women of all ages. The small menstrual cup is suitable for beginners, and the large one is suitable for women above age 30. The product is FDA approved. Also, has a soft quality material that is perfect for both teenagers and elders.  Click to buy a menstrual cup at an affordable price.

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